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It is time to remember your purpose and who you really are. Ages and ages ago human spirits decided to come to planet Earth so that we could experience and appreciate the life that this 3-dimensional planet had to offer. As a group, we had agreed to uplift this planet in a very sacred way. It would be one that would bring God-consciousness to Earth’s level of vibration by blending Spirit into matter.


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Know that you are not alone.

…Before the material universe was created, all that existed was the incomprehensible mind of All That Is – God. Therefore In this state, God knew all there was to know, but could not experience or feel it. The reason was simple. In the Absolute, there are no opposites to compare things to. In a like manner there is only the purest love, joy and bliss imaginable.

The paper back book edition also presents Creation itself is an expansion of our Creator’s thought and self-awareness. The evolution of soul entities is another aspect of this expansion. Through the process of Evolution, individual souls, each a ‘Spark’ of the Creator’s Consciousness, embarks on a journey of exploration and growth, ultimately returning to unity with the Creator, endowed with the fullness of wisdom and experience.

You were never separate from source

Equally important is to understand and to know that you are not – and never have been separate from your Source. You truly have never been separate from each other. In a like manner, separation has never existed from all of the brothers and sisters you have lived on countless planets throughout your galaxies. In the same way, you have never been separate from any creature of your planet. Not separate from any leaf, or blade of grass, or flower that blossoms in your garden. You have forgotten, that is all. Moreover, you have forgotten that who you are is Creator smelling the rose of the vibrancy and excitement of this dimension of reality.

Somewhere along the way we over-identified with the material world through its many physical pleasures and got stuck here in the life-death-reincarnation cycle. This typically takes place on planets with a 3-dimensional level of vibration. In essence, we have lost our way and our God-contentedness. We have simply forgotten who we are and why we came here in the first place.

Know that there are many millions on the planet, who are awakened, who are moving toward enlightenment, moving towards the acknowledgment of the Creator, in whatever minuscule way they can conceive of this vast entity.
Millions more are undergoing this awakening process at this very moment.

Planet Earth is going to go through a profound change. The driving force behind this irreversible and benevolent transformation is a wave of energy called the Christ Consciousness. This is part of the second coming of Christ we are all familiar with.

In addition, the human family currently on planet Earth is not homogeneous. Rather, it appears to be a mixture of star seeds from other planetary systems that were aware that our planet was going to go through a profound dimensional shift in consciousness at this point in time. These star seeds volunteered to forget who they are and where they came from. They were then born here as humans. As cosmic volunteers, they will help our planet go through its transformation into the Light.

Topics in the Paper Back Book Edition:

Purpose of life
The Awakening
Ascended Masters
Evolution of the Soul

Twin Souls
Planes and Dimensions
Chakras and the Auric Body
Dream State
The After Life
Universal Law
Principles of Creation
Keys for Transformation
Crop Circles
Sacred Geometry

The Paper Back Book Edition contains over 200 pages and 25 illustrations.

We are truly living a life of illusion…

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