Carnelian Tumbled Stones


Medium Carnelian Tumbled Stones

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Carnelian Tumbled Stones charging bowl


Medium Size Banded Carnelian Tumbled Stone

Each stone is approximately ¾” – 1” in size.

The color is orangish red (salmon)

Chemical Formula is SiO2

Hardness: 6-7

Mineral Class: Chalcedony

Banded Carnelian is classified as both Agate and Carnelian.

The History of Carnelian

Carnelian is known to be an ancient gemstone; it has been used as gem material since ancient times. The Egyptian Goddess Isis used Carnelian to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife. Many people since ancient times have used Carnelian as a “good luck” stone. The belief that Carnelian was a lucky stone grew greatly over the centuries.

Geography of Carnelian

India has been a major source of high quality Carnelian gemstones for thousands of years. Brazil and Madagascar produces much of the world’s Carnelian supply as well as Russia, Western Europe, parts of the United States, China and Australia.

Healing Benefits of Carnelian

Carnelian is mostly connected with the Sacral chakra (being orangish in color;) the Sacral Chakra is associated with emotions, sexuality, relationships and creativity. The Carnelian gemstone will assist in getting those creative juices flowing, boosts fertility and sexuality, and helps with releasing emotion negativity and anger. The redder Carnelian gemstone can be used with the Root Chakra which deals more with your basic needs in life such as food, sleep, shelter, survival, grounding. It can help if you have anxieties regarding these basic needs.

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Tumbled Stones

Carnelian Tumbled Stones charging bowl