Crystals and healing properties.

Crystals and their healing properties have been known for many centuries. These Crystal, their beauty and ability to connect to a higher source have also been used through out the centuries.

Here at Crystal Lotus Blessings, we have searched for the highest quality crystals and bring them to you.

Crystal Lotus Blessings handcrafts all of our pieces based on many years of research.

Our craftsmen are also certified Reiki Masters and therefore understand how to incorporate Crystals together. We also understand their crystalline structure and power to open portals within our planet.

Crystals sometimes are used as communication devices that harness sacred earth energy.

Crystals can communicate with one another. In a sense, acting as tuning devices for each. Crystalline structures can also can tune their respective frequencies. This tuning can also tune to the frequency of their environment.

Sound is another way crystals can communicate with each other. Crystalline structures also hold a resonance frequency. Quartz crystal conducts electricity and is one example of their use in electronics today.

Sacred earth energies, Crystals and healing properties.

The planet earth contains many sacred energy sites. These sacred energy sites rest upon ley lines, underground water and geophysics. Crystals form an important piece of these sacred sites and the sacred geometry that make them up.

Crystal grids can be created to manifest through the power of intention. First, speak with the crystals. Handle them while you focus your highest intent into them. Research additional ways to use crystal grids. They are a powerful way to raise to a higher consciousness.

Crystal grids usually start with a center stone, surrounding stones, amplification and objects of importants.

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